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At the moment Annemieke is playing the part of Mary Poppins in the musical Mary Poppins in Vienna produced by Vereinigte B├╝hnen Wien.

Annemieke graduated from the department 'Muziek Theater' from the Brabants Conservatorium in TIlburg, The Netherlands.
Whilst following her intensive artistic training in Tilburg, she appeared in several school productions such as: 'Sweeny Todd' ('Beggars Women') and 'Into the Woods' ('Lucinda'), both directed by Koen van Dijk.
In 2003 and 2004, Annemieke appeared in 'Musicals in Ahoy'.

Annemieke made her professional debut in the musical industry, performing the leading part of 'Doornroosje' in the musical 'Doornroosje', produced by Studio 100 in 2003.
Between 2004 and 2005, Annemieke was Ensemble and Understudy 'Polly' - leading part - in 'Crazy For You', (Joop van den Ende / Dutch Tour).
Annemieke's outstanding command of the German language enabled her to perform in Stuttgart (2005/2006) in 'Elisabeth' in which she was Ensemble and Understudy 'Elisabeth' (produced by Stageholding Germany).
Between 2006 and 2007, Annemieke performed as Ensemble and Understudy 'Constance' in '3 Musketiere'. (produced by Stageholding Germany).
In the summer of 2008 Annemieke was Alternate 'Elisabeth' in Berlin and played the part of 'Lisa' in 'Jekyll and Hyde' in Bad Herschfeld.
In September 2008 Annemieke took over the first cast 'Elisabeth' position of Pia Douwes in the German tour of 'Elisabeth'.
In the beginning of 2009 Annemieke made a guest appearance in the Belgium production of Elisabeth. For this appearance Annemieke sang the part for the first time in Dutch.
Between 2009 and 2010, Annemieke was once again 1st cast 'Elisabeth' in the same named musical. The show toured Germany for a whole year and was produced by Labelle Productions.
Also in 2010 Annemieke was a guest star in the concert tour 'Aboslut Uwe' in which she co-starred next to German musical star Uwe Kruger.
In 2011 Annemieke was a Soloist in the Dutch theatre tour 'A tribute to Michael Jackson' of produced by the Royal Airforce Orchestra.

Most recently Annemieke played the part of Elisabeth in the musical Elisabeth in Vienna.

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